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rainy day, May 2016

Dear friends,

It has been a rainy day. And I am here, all alone with my cup of coffee.

The world is being covered by those clear cold drops outside the windows. Some indie songs are playing along with the sound of this heavy rain. It has been going on and on until the moment that I cannot recognize any song titles anymore. Music becomes just sound. It starts to feel cold, lonely, and sad. Deep inside, I feel a great need for a warm hug. But I am here, all alone with my cup of coffee.

Then come a sip. Then come many sips. Then I realize this is the best coffee I ever have. But what makes it so different? Is it the lovely smell? Or is it the wonderful taste? No, I cannot tell. The only thing I know at this very moment, that I have found peace. And it is supposed to be the feeling brought by the best cup of coffee, isn't it?

As any coffee lovers, I have been searching for the best cup of coffee. And finally, until this moment when I understand what the best cup of coffee means. Drinking coffee is like having a relationship.You cannot define “the best”.


You can only feel it with a warm heart, an open mind, and the ability to love. It is just like finding your soul mate.

I believe that every half bean has its soul mate, and every half will be completed eventually like every coffee lover will eventually find their best cup of coffee. There will come a moment when you know

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