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Espresso and Turbo Shot

Explore the difference between Traditional Espresso and Turbo Shot (espresso light roasted) Surely everyone has heard of Espresso - a rich and seductive cup of coffee, carrying the cultural essence of a historical period. However, with development, Espresso today is becoming increasingly diverse in terms of enjoyment, from roasting styles to espresso extraction methods, and the range of flavors is expanding. At Every Half, we always offer many options for enjoyment: Traditional Espresso & Turbo Shot (Espresso Light Roasted), with 05 different types of coffee beans.

🌟 Traditional Espresso

  • Typically uses medium to dark roasted coffee

  • Extraction ratio from 1:2 to 1:3

  • Uses 7-9 grams or 14-11 grams of coffee

  • High-pressure extraction at 9-10 bar

  • Extraction time of 20-30s

🌟 Turbo Shot (Espresso Light Roasted)

  • Uses lightly roasted coffee

  • Extraction ratio from 1:3 to 1:4

  • Low-pressure extraction at 3-6 bar

  • Extraction time usually under 20s

05 types of coffee beans used for brewing Espresso are available at Every Half: Waliki Java Cocoa Natural, Costa Rica, Ethiopia Arbegona, The Little Planet, Colombia El Diviso Washed.

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